Through The Stage Door is a revolutionary Drama School that aims to deliver personalised educational experiences to children and adults through the medium of Drama, Performance and Theatre arts.

About Us

Through The Stage Door provides services to the education sector including Preschool, Primary, Secondary, SEN and FE that enhances the national curriculum and extra curricular activity through interactive learning and workshop sessions. We offer learning and skill building programmes to care groups such as the elderly, young people, vulnerable children and those connected to long-term health care. We deliver acting lessons focusing on skill, technique, performance and direction to those who are a part of the Through the Stage Door Drama School.


Through The Stage Door provide exciting, creative, enjoyable and memorable experiences to children and adults through the medium of Drama, Performance and Theatre Arts. We are committed to ensuring that we can make a positive difference, to promote confidence, a place to be creative and a platform to achieve.


Through The Stage Door is focused on four key values that will be at the heart of everything we do. Inspire, Engage, Nurture and Change.

  • Inspire those that are passionate and thrive in Drama, Performance & Theatre Arts.
  • Engage children and adults through stimulating, imaginative and rewarding personalised learning experiences.
  • Nurture talent and understanding through challenge and creative approach.
  • Change the mindset of those that think they can’t and empower all to achieve there full potential through Drama, Performance & Theatre Arts.
Natalie Ashworth

Natalie Ashworth


Hi! My name is Natalie Ashworth.

Drama and Performance has been a part of my life for as long as I remember. I have a BA Honors degree in Drama and for the last 10 years I have been working as a teacher and a leader within secondary education. I have always been passionate about Drama and Performance and I wanted to share my experiences with the younger generations in hope that I would inspire them too. 

It wasn’t until I worked within education that I realized just how powerful Drama & the Creative Arts are. The difference it can make to a person through the use of expression, creativity, freedom and a sense of belonging. It didn’t matter if it was those with academic understanding or those with a slightly more deprived background. The positive culture it created, the academic results and interpersonal skill developments were outstanding.

After spending time within education and ‘perfecting my craft’ I felt inspired to provide wider arts opportunities to the community and empower children and adults to enjoy and achieve their potential and this is when Through the Stage Door was born.

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