The medium of Drama can be an excellent teaching and learning tool within the classroom. The foundations of drama involve creativity, exploration and interactive learning.

Primary School (Stage Stars)

These methods can be applied to virtually all subject areas making it a great learning tool for your students. At Through The Stage Door we can offer exciting, engaging and educational workshops delivered by experienced and talented professionals. We can bring the ‘WOW’ factor to the topic or theme you are learning, create the ‘HOOK’ to engage your students throughout the term or ‘EMBELLISH’ your curriculum by opting for our extra curricular programmes. 

Through The Stage Door provide a broad variety of workshops, carefully selected and devised following the KS1 & KS2 National Curriculum. When selecting a workshop we can deliver hourly and half-day sessions for up to 30 children or you can opt for our full day experiences where we can deliver sessions for up to 120 children. We can also provide bespoke workshops to suit the needs of your school and curriculum. More details of bespoke workshops are available on request. When selecting one of our workshops we can ensure to provide opportunity to increase understanding and improve classroom progression.

Our extra curricular programmes are there to support and enrich the learning of your students. Whether it is to support the creation of the school play, offer specialist afterschool lessons in Drama, Performance and Theatre Arts, or support classroom learning, we can promise to provide energy, enjoyment and fun. We believe that enrichment is an extremely powerful tool that supports the learning within a classroom and improves the skill and talents of those interested in Theatre Arts. 

Interested in one of our  workshops?, Courses?, Events? Contact us now to enquire.