Having been a drama teacher in a variety of Schools over the past 10 years, we understand the importance of Drama in education. But we also feel that not enough opportunity is given to our children and young adults to build on their individual skills and talents.

Stage School

Through The Stage Door offer an evening and Saturday school for those individuals that want to explore and develop their understanding of the Theatre industry. The school has been created to build skills and technique in Drama and musical theatre. Classes will build understanding in different genres and styles and will support performance opportunities in local theatres. 

We offer weekly classes to a variety of ages starting from the age of 3 up to 18. These classes are delivered though practical exploration where they will build on new skills, gain confidence and have lots of fun. We offer private lessons to support those studying at GCSE & A-level tutoring our students on their practical and theoretical knowledge. We are also looking to introduce the official LAMDA examinations for those students who aim for a future in Drama, Performance & Theatre Arts, supporting their application to University or Performance schools. 

Whether your child has shown an interest in Drama from an early age, studying for their GCSE/A-level or want support with auditions, Through The Stage Door will provide high quality experiences that will want them coming back for more! 

Interested in one of our  workshops?, Courses?, Events? Contact us now to enquire.