Safer Internet Day

Create, Connect, and Share Respect

Each Year we celebrate Safer Internet Day to ensure that our students are able to access the Internet in a safe manor. Through The Stage Door will deliver Drama inspired workshops that will highlight the positive uses of technology and problems we may face if we don’t use the Internet in a safe and secure way.

Learning outcomes

  1. To explore the safe ways to use the Internet.
  2. Develop an understanding of how we can misuse the Internet and how it can become a threat to ourselves. 
  3. Explore problem-based scenarios through dramatic play to help students understand the importance of using the Internet safely.

Who its for?


Workshop options 

Option 1 – 1 HOUR – These workshops are short but packed with creativity & practical learning, fantastic for engagement & focus (Maximum of 40 students).

Option 2 – FULL DAY – Through The Stage Door offer exciting, engaging and educational workshops delivered by experienced and talented professionals. We will work with your school focussing on a text of your choice; we will explore the background of the text, interpret the storyline and create wonderful characters along the way. This type of workshop gives your students an insight with a practical, enjoyable and exciting approach. (FULL DAY – One/two group’s maximum of 40 students per group)

Props and resources may be included to enhance student learning.

Space requirements

Workshops will require a large cleared space. A school hall/theatre would be required for the HALF/FULL DAY sessions

Special requests

Once your booking has been confirmed, one of our dedicated team members will contact you to collect information regarding the children’s starting points to ensure the workshop is personalised to suit.