We recognize that all children, young people and adults have individual abilities and that we all learn in different ways. That’s why here at Through The Stage Door we offer services to children and adults with special educational needs and difficulties.

Children & Adults with SEND

When choosing to work with us, we will ensure that we gain a full understanding of the group needs and we will then carefully create a programme to suit. We provide bespoke workshop sessions that encourages children & adults to engage and participate at their own pace. We understand that it is crucial to build relationships in the early stages and we will work on these though creative and imaginative drama game/activities. We will then deliver high quality interactive learning experiences through dramatic play and scenario based learning using multi sensory aspects that will build on the social emotional aspect of their learning breaking down barriers and building positive relationships. 

Drama is a fantastic way of allowing children, young people and adults to express themselves, creating a sense of belonging and inclusion. Our aim is to offer wider learning experiences to the groups we are working with, allowing them to build on their social emotional understanding through therapeutic and practical approach. We are determined to bring excitement, enjoyment and fun when providing experiences in the world of Drama and Theatre. 

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