Here at Through The Stage Door we are passionate about the importance of Dramatic play and the experiences and educational advantages it can provide for our early years children.

Early Years (Stage Tots)

Children are captivated by storytelling, fantasy and the World of make believe and this provides many happy, enjoyable and exciting moments during their childhood. We have focused our early years programme and designed our weekly sessions on this concept. We engage our stage tots with wonder, we ignite their imagination with creativity and we promote their confidence with enjoyment & fun. Each week our stage tots will embark on a magical journey exploring different themes and ideas. We develop our understanding through the mediums of Dramatic play, storytelling, music, prop, sensory exploration and costume. 

Research tells us that there are many beneficial factors to Dramatic play, in the early years of a child’s life drama can be used to develop key skills such as social interaction and language development which plays a key role throughout their whole life. Role play and improvisation encourages children to put themselves in others shoes, they learn about the idea of empathy, cooperation and effective communication. Dramatic play boosts children’s ability to communicate physically and verbally. This is hugely beneficial for all children, especially for those that show traits of being shy or withdrawn. The increased in language and vocabulary not only allows them to express themselves and develop opinion it is also a great way to support the transition of early years to primary school.  

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