Through the Stage Door provide exciting, creative, enjoyable and memorable experiences to children and adults through the medium of Drama, Performance and Theatre Arts. We are committed to ensuring that we can make a positive difference, to promote confidence, a place to be creative and a platform to achieve. The services we offer include:

What We Offer

Early Years

Children are captivated by storytelling, fantasy and the World of make believe and this provides many happy, enjoyable and exciting moments during their childhood.

What We Offer

Primary Years

Through The Stage Door provide a broad variety of workshops, carefully selected and devised following the KS1 & KS2 National Curriculum.

What We Offer

Secondary Ages

We have designed a range of workshops & programmes to support the educational & social aspect of Secondary school life, supporting the KS3 & above.

What We Offer

Children & Adults with SEND

We offer services to children and adults with special educational needs and difficulties, ensuring that we gain a full understanding of the group needs and we will then carefully create a programme to suit.

What We Offer

Stage School

Through The Stage Door offer an evening & Saturday stage school for those individuals that want to explore & develop their understanding of the Theatre industry. The school has been created to build skills & technique in Drama & musical theatre.

What We Offer


Through the Stage Door provides services to the education sector including Preschool, Primary, Secondary, SEN and FE that enhances the national curriculum and extra curricular activity through interactive learning and workshop sessions.

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