Volcanoes & Earthquakes

Imagine living on an active volcanic island that sits on the edges of tectonic plates. The island hasn’t had a volcanic eruption for over 200 years but today the island has suffered a minor Earthquake. What’s going to happen? What problems could this cause? Lets find out!

Learning outcomes

  1. To explore the cause of Earthquakes and Volcanoes
  2. Understand the effects natural disasters can have on communities and the planet.
  3. Develop understanding through creative Dramatic play building on key social skills.

Who its for?


Workshop options 

HALF\FULL DAY – Through The Stage Door offer exciting, engaging and educational workshops delivered by experienced and talented professionals. We can bring the ‘WOW’ factor to the topic or theme you are studying, or create the ‘BUZZ’ to engage your students throughout the term. The focus will be on the content and knowledge your students require, but we will also encourage a show & evaluate stage where students can see the progress they have made and staff are able to observe the learning of each child. (HALF DAY – One group maximum of 40 students per group)

(FULL DAY – One/two group’s maximum of 40 students per group)

Props and resources may be included to enhance student learning.

Space requirements

Workshops will require a large cleared space. A school hall/theatre would be required for the HALF/FULL DAY sessions

Special requests

Once your booking has been confirmed, one of our dedicated team members will contact you to collect information regarding the children’s starting points to ensure the workshop is personalised to suit.